Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't forget to have a little fun

The health of our oceans is a serious topic with many committed and dedicated people working hard to raise awareness and inspire action. Several of the ocean conservation organizations I have mentioned here in my blog are skilled at taking advantage of the power of the social web to get their messages out and create change. They tweet, blog, have facebook pages and websites. They provide helpful links and tools to help readers get involved. They use powerful images and video to help tell their stories. They understand their audience, make friends, write often, and share what they know. They seek collaboration and invite their readers to become part of their community and contribute to the ongoing dialog. 

The social web is indeed a powerful tool. One organization in particular, Oceana, is doing a great job of using social media to it's fullest extent. The latest topic in BGI's social web for social change course looks to the power that fun can bring when working on creating social change. Fun is a powerful emotion that has the ability to engage people in ways that other forms of communication do not. Some great examples of fun creating change can be seen at the fun theory web site.

With a prompt to incorporate fun into my "beat blog" I went in search of an example that I could share. I found one courtesy of the folks at Oceana. Enjoy!


  1. This is great, Ben. Way to get us in our right brain on a topic that needs as much fun and creativity as possible. I enjoy your posts.

  2. Ben,

    As a Bond film lover since grade school, i loved the tongue in cheek combo of the Thunderball theme (which had some FANTASTIC underwater shots never before done in 1965) and the Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress) Dr. No emerging from the ocean...and yet, at the end, there was the point: the graceful turtle, quietly munching away as if she ruled the world in a more demure, benevolent way than Blofeld ever could have...

    Definitely fun!

  3. That YouTube flick was very tempting for me to click on! Great choice in marketing to your target group :) Reminded me of something Baywatch would have done. Thanks for creating a fun post!

  4. I agree with Alex, a very good choice to fun and an excellent promotion by Oceana to capture interest and attenion.